About Noorshop

The modern world is the world of spread of information and hence the increase in the need of access to this information. The new conditions necessitate that the facilitation of access to countless scientific and cultural sources and works based on the teachings of Islam, the Qur'an and the Ahl al-Bayt (`a.s.), be one of the concerns and preoccupations of the cultural activists. With the goal of contribution to the beneficial access of the scholars and thinkers to the Islamic sources, Noorshop presents the existing scientific and cultural products in the field of Islamic sciences via the Internet. We are proud to present products that no doubt have put a remarkable volume of genuine scientific information and materials at the researchers' disposal. Benefiting from advanced capabilities of searching and researching these products provide the researchers with easy access to their required materials. The Support Staff of the Noorshop are ready to assist the dear researchers who visit our website in all phases of selecting, purchasing and downloading their required programs and to answer their questions online during the working hours.

In the conditions that the vastness of communication spaces has showed the limitedness of individual and collective time and power, it seems necessary for one to do his best to save his time and energy. To do so, one should apply useful methods based on modern technologies instead of expensive old methods and this way to reach his goals (batter, easier and faster).

Today that the Internet is accessible everywhere, one can purchase on line the goods and products that he needs from the virtual shops on the Internet which offer remarkable capabilities for selecting and buying goods, and can be exempted from going shopping in the shops and stores dispersed in the city.

Other than saving the time and energy, the online shopping has many advantages among them is the increase in the power of choosing, considering the vastness of variety of products in the cyberspace and that one can find almost all items he wishes to buy. Furthermore, and by investigating the information peculiar to each product and its advantages compared with similar products one can make a precise and conscious selection. Noorshop presents the programs designed and developed in the Noor specialized center of Islamic sciences and is proud of enabling the scholars of Islamic sciences around the globe to purchase these products conveniently.

Noorshop has taken a new step in the arena of presenting scientific-research products in the field of Islamic sciences, while it has the entrance to the field of other sciences in view.