To all users of the products of Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS)

Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS, also known as NOOR Center) would like to express in advance its deep gratitude and appreciation to all users who regard the material and spiritual rights of the property of those who designed and developed software programs (including the CRCIS) and consider the conditions for using the products of this Center.
Important Point: It is mandatory to regard all terms and conditions mentioned in the "End-user License Agreement"; therefore, it is expected from the esteemed users to read the Agreement and find it necessary upon themselves to be bound with the terms and conditions mentioned therein. The following are some of the terms and conditions for using the software programs and other products of the CRCIS:
  1. All rights whether material or spiritual of the software programs and similar products designed and produced by the CRCIS belong to the NOOR Center. These rights include (but are not limited to) the Software as a total unit and its components, including technical and research methods used in the Software, electronic texts, textual and non-textual metadata, addition of diacritical marks to the words, provision of formatting tags, text enrichment and edition, various lists, audio clips, video clips, images, animations, maps, patterns, facts and figures, displaying tables, graphical pages, designs, and the components of each of them. These rights are supported all by the Copyright law, and Distributing and Duplicating laws enacted by Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as by the international treaties.
  2. Using the unauthorized copies of the software programs (whether in the forms of disk, backup copy, image, or a copy of the software program) is religiously and legally prohibited. The user is permitted to use the genuine disk of a software program or its portable copy (copied to an external hard disk or the disk of a PC) purchased from the CRCIS or its authorized sales representatives. No real or artificial person has the right of illegal duplication of the software programs.
  3. This software programs of this Center may be installed up to the maximum of five computers that belong to the purchaser or his/her close relatives. He/she may not assign it to others nor may he/she copy it to their computers.
  4. It is considered a blatant infringement of the rights of the CRCIS if one presents the NOOR software programs in the forms other that those presented by the CRCIS (including the mobile versions of the NOOR Programs) and thus is illegal. Any kind of presenting of the above software programs in any form is exclusive to the CRCIS.
  5. “NOOR Center” has not granted the right of duplication or use of its electronic sources to any end user except for one copy of the purchased authorized copy and for personal purposes. No real or artificial persons may use these sources in their websites nor may they insert them in other software programs and duplicate, sell or offer them to others in any way. The dear user may not extract a book fully or partially from the Software and duplicate it independently or embody it in another software program, nor may he/she sell it or otherwise transfer it in any way to others or print it. This prohibition includes all materials available in the Software including printed sources, audio clips, video clips, logos and emblems exclusive to this Center, and any kind of information and any content packages used in the Software, as well.
  6. Since the material and spiritual rights of most of the works contained in the NOOR Programs belong to real or artificial persons, and the NOOR Center has used them by obtaining the permission of their owners or the related publishers, the unauthorized use of the NOOR Programs not only is considered as infringement of the rights of this Center from the aspect of law and religion, but also is regarded as violation of material and spiritual properties of the authors and publishers of related books and scientific and cultural sources, and is prosecutable on their behalf because it conforms to the Act of "Supporting the rights of the authors, compilers and artists, enacted in 1948/1969".
  7. Applicants for using the sources and data which are at the disposal of the NOOR Center, can refer to the Cultural Services Section of the CRCIS and sign an agreement or letter of understanding. On this basis, the electronical or printed publication of any of the sources available in NOOR Programs is subject to obtaining written permission of the NOOR Center.


  • In addition to what was mentioned above the content of "The Act of Supporting the Rights of the Software Programs Developers enacted in 1379/2000" is binding and should be regarded by the respected users.
  • Real or artificial persons in order for them to introduce this Center and the websites owned by and affiliated to it, can use the logo or related emblems on the Web and social networks.
  • If you have any queries or need any further assistance please contact our Support Section on the number (+98-25)32936271 or send a message to