A brief introduction Hadith of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS)


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• Full text of 166 books in 338 volumes concerning hadiths of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) on such subjects as:
- Qur’anic sciences
- Qur’an and its commentary
- Life history and conduct of the Infallibles (AS)
- Theology and doctrines
- Jurisprudence
- Supplications
- Morals and manners
- Ziyarah
- Virtues and laudatory actions
- Hadith collections
- Fiqh al-Hadith (hadith comprehension)
- Dirayah
- Hadith texts
- Hadith text excerpts
- Explanation of hadith
- History of hadith
- Criticizing of hadiths
- Strange words in hadiths
- Hadith schools
- Initial discussions of hadith sciences
- Musnad works
- Rijal (basics, biography of hadith transmitters, the weak hadith transmitters (Du`afa) and research-based Rijal books)
- Economy
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Bibliography
- Encyclopedias
- Topical monographs
- Memoirs
• Access to the text of the Holy Qur’an with Persian translation by:
- Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi
- Ayatollah Meshkini
- Garmaroudi
- And the translation taken from the Persian version of Tafsir al-Mizan
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• Possibility of synchronous display of original text and translation and comparing the texts available in the Program
• Limiting the search and display ranges based on subject, language and hadith books
• Different types of search through text and contents of the books and the Qur’an
• Easy access to the Qur’anic verses occurred in the texts along with the material related to them
• Linkage between the texts of the Program and several sets of dictionaries with access to roots and derivatives of the words
• Research capabilities along with note taking, saving, editing and printing

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سلام و ادب بهتر است در هر سی دی جدید بفرمایید چه تفاوتی با سی دی قبلی مشابه دارد؟ مثلا تفاوت این سی دی با جامع الاحادیث (به غیر از ترجمه متن) در چیست؟

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Site Admin

حدیث اهل بیت علیهم السلام مجموعه آثار مؤسسه دارالحدیث است و کتب مندرج درآن قبلاً در هیچ نرم افزاری نیامده است.

محمدجواد صادقی

سلام نرم افزار دانلود کردم برنامه باز کرد ولی بعد از بستن برنامه نتونستم پیداش کنم لطفا راهنمایی کنید

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لطفا با شماره تلفن 02532936271 امورکاربران تماس بگیرید تا کمک تان نمایند.