A brief introduction Comprehensive Library of Hajj 3

“Comprehensive Library of Hajj 2” is the joint product of Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS) and Hajj Information Center affiliated to the Supreme Leader’s Representative Office.

Software content

• Full text of 700 books and magazines from the works published by Wali-e Faqih Representative in Hajj and Ziyarat on such subjects as:
- Rulings and manners of Hajj
- Mysteries and knowledge of Hajj
- Doctrines and answers to doubts
- History of Mecca and Medina
- Itineraries and memoirs
- Social and political discussions on Hajj
- Iraqi sacred cities and Syria
- Supplications and Hadiths
- Publications
- Reference books
• Full text of “Kitab al-Hajj”, “Kitab al-‘Umrah” and “Kitab al-Mazar” taken from 262 jurisprudential and narrative Shiite sources
• The Holy Quran with Farsi translation of Fuladvand
• 10 reliable dictionaries with linkage to the texts of books
• 200 pictures from religious places as:
- Mecca
- Medina
- Karbala
- Najaf
- Kufa
- Syria
- More than 60 videos, audios and mobile-specific Islamic applications
Number of books
Number of disks 1 DVD
Disk type CD
Date of manufacture
Has a network version @Ph.No
Required storage space
Type of software
UI Language
App version
Software Size
Version description .
features • Standard and advanced search in texts and tables of contents with the possibility of limiting to specific range of books
• Looking up the words in 10 dictionaries of the program

Book list

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